[2018 New Version] Huawei HCNP-Storage H13-623-ENU real exam questions

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Share some HCNP-Storage H13-623-ENU exam questions and answers below.
Which of the following statement about file system backup capacity calculation is correct? (Multiple choice)

A. Front-end capacity is determined by the initial data volume and data increment.

B. Back-end capacity (no de-duplication) is determined by the backup frequency and retention cycle.

C. back-end capacity (backup software de-duplication) = SUM (various types of data storage capacity before de-duplication / de-duplication ratio).

D. back-end capacity (backup media de-duplication) = SUM (various types of data storage capacity before de-duplication) / de-duplication compression ratio.

Answer: ABCD

File-level deduplication is also known as Single Instance Storage (SIS). According to the index to inspect the file attributes which need to be stored, and compares it with the stored file. If it does not have the same file, store it, and update the index. Otherwise, only deposited in the pointer to the existing file.

A. True

B. False

Answer: A

In the VMware backup scenario, which of the following statements are correct if the VSA/MA is deployed in 4+ cores, 16 GB RAM specification server? (Multiple choice)

A. With de-emphasis function, each VSA can deal with the front end data volume is less than 25T

B. Apply to less than 100 virtual machine application scenarios.

C. There is no de-emphasis function, each VSA can deal with the front end data volume is less than 20T.

D. IO path recommend the use of dedicated I/O access Data store and backup disk.

Answer: D

In the HyperMetro dual-active data center solution, you may encounter scenarios that force to start the array in the static arbitration against the fissure mode. Which of the following statements is incorrect?

A. After forcing to start, the array end which be forced to start will be upgraded to dual active data synchronization source end.

B. When the link fault is restored, when the data synchronization is initiated, the dual-active member LUN data of the forced to start array end will cover to the end. in the process will carried out the date in the full amount of synchronization.

C. Before performing a forced start, you need to full consider the double-master risk. You should confirm the LUN status and service status of the two data centers to ensure that the peer storage has stopped working.

Answer: B

Which of the following statement about backup network LAN-free and Server-free is correct?

A. When Server-free backup data will produce a copy, the copy will be mounted to the backup server.

B. Server-free network can realize directly backup the backup data to backup media.

C. The LAN-free backup network has no effect on the production host.

D. LAN-free backup data stream path is production storage -> backup server -> backup media.

Answer: A

Huawei storage supports a variety of disaster recovery networking, which of the following networking can meet the customers needs of RPO = 0? (Multiple choice)

A. HyperMetro dual active

B. Asynchronous remote replication

C. VIS dual active

D. Synchronize remote replication

Answer: ACD

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