[2018 Testpassport Cracked] CWNA Certification CWNA-107 exam questions

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Share some CWNA Certification CWNA-107 exam questions and answers below.
What wireless networking term describe the increase of RF energy in an intentional direction with the use of an antenna?
A. Directed Radiation
B. Active Amplification
C. Passive Gain
D. Beam Digression
Answer: C

An RF signal sometimes bends as it passes through some material other than free space. What is the term that describe this behavior?
A. Reflection
B. Refraction
C. Scattering
D. Warping
Answer: B

In a long-distance RF link, what statement about Fade Margin is true?
A. Fade Margin is an additional pad of signal strength designed into theRF system to compensate for unpredictable signal fading.
B. The Fade Margin of a long-distance radio link should be equivalent to the receiver’s antenna gain.
C. A Fade Margin is unnecessary on a long-distance RF link if more than 80% of the first Fresnelzone is clear of obstructions.
D. The Fade Margin is a measurement of signal loss through free space, and is a function of frequency and distance.
Answer: A

Which one of the following is not a factor considered when calculating the Link Budget for an outdoor point-to-point WLAN bridge link?
A. MU-MIMO capabilities of the bridges
B. Receive antenna gain
C. Transmit power
D. Operating Frequency
Answer: A

What can an impedance mismatch In the RF cables AND CONNECTORS cause?
A. Fewer MCS values In the MCS table
B. Excessive VSWR
C. Increased amplitude of the RF signal
D. Increased range of the RF signal
Answer: B

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